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Re-Opening Guidelines

Alhamdulillah, daily and Friday prayers at WCIC will restart as follows:

  • Friday June 19, 2020 for MEN ONLY- Smaller group to test/improve new practices.
  • Friday June 26 for the elderly, women and children over 12 years of age.
  • Women and children will permanently pray at the remodeled Youth Center. Seniors, needing chairs, will pray permanently in the room next to the kitchen. Clear Signs will be displayed around the Masjid. Please inform family & friends.


A. YOU MUST BRING The following items to Enter the Masjid Facilities:

  • Your Holy Quran, masks, own handwipes disinfectants & gloves (for bathroom use)
  • Use Own Prayer Rug (cleaned) in all prayer areas, place rug on marked spots


Shortened khutbahs at 1:15 – 2:15 pm in all prayer areas; and 2:45-3:45 pm (in Arabic only) in the courtyard only.
All daily prayers will be held in the courtyard only.  Do Sunnah prayers at HOME


  1. DO NOT COME to WCIC if you are sick OR travelled out of California within last 14 days, have a temperature/other coronavirus symptom. Check your temp. at home.
  2. When first prayer is over, please leave the masjid quickly in an orderly fashion and maintain the required 6-feet distancing at all times.
  3. NO more than 100 people should be in the Masjid at a time.  number exceed 100, people SHOULD wait in their cars or comeback for second prayer at 2:45pm
  4. No hugs, shaking hands or touching and long chat before or after prayers.
  5. Make your wudu at home- Keep access to WCIC restrooms at a minimum at all times.
  6. Enter prayer area and fill front lines first- start with spots away from entrance first.
  7. Please follow volunteers’ directions who will be organizing the flow of people.
  8. Exit from all available doors and avoid crowding at all times-Keep 6 ft distance.
  9. All prayer areas will be properly and safely sanitized/fumigated routinely


  1. Everyone must wear face masks when in the vicinity of others, no exceptions.
  2. Offering plates (and similar items) should not be passed around between worshipers
  3. The sharing of items like prayer books, cushions and prayer rugs is not allowed.
  4. High traffic areas, like pews and lobbies, should be frequently disinfected
  5. Microphones, instruments and other items on should be disinfected between use.
  6. Must have 6 feet of space between people, no exceptions.
  7. Open doors and windows to encourage fresh air to flow inside.
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