Burial Service

Burial Service

Walnut Creek Islamic Center (WCIC) strives to service its community members, particularly during difficult times caused by the loss of a family member or a friend.

>> The following options are advanced to guide our members in securing necessary preparation and burial services:

Option one - Complete Services

For complete services, including:
1. obtaining death certificate and burial permit,
2. arrangements for storing the dead person body and ghusl, washing the body,
3. transport to a Masjid for Janaza services, and transportation to burial grounds, may be secured through either:

A. MCA of Santa Clara: at a total cost of $1,850
Contact: Website: https://www.mcabayarea.org/funeral-services/
Mr. Murad Harara -Funeral Coordinator. Tel. no.: 510-398-8986.

B. Oakland Masjid: at no charge-However donations will be accepted
Contact: Brother Hatem. Tel no.: 510- 830-5300

Option Two - Partial Sevices

After the family secures all necessary paperwork and documents and rents a proper vehicle to transfer the deceased, ghusl (washing of the body) and a freezer if needed, may be provided by: Brother Hayder from Antioch Masjid. Tel. number: (925)408-8071.

Burial Sites

You may purchase a burial site, including the opening and closing costs, directly from any cemetery you may choose, or contact Mr. Khaled Saleh, Tel. no. 925-482-0077 for assistance. Our Masjid has arrangements with the following three cemeteries:

If you need financial support, please contact Br. Khaled for assistance. Please note that there will be no night service, therefore, make sure to arrange everything during the day.