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School Announcement

The 2017/18 Sunday School year at WCIC will start on Sunday, Sept.10, 2017. Please remember to bring your Fall tuition on the first day of school. Start the year right. Make sure your students have a school bag that contains a notebook, pencils, erasers, etc.

Sunday School is committed to instilling Islamic values in our children: , habits, attitudes, high moral and ethical standards, tolerance, and patience that are characteristics of a good Muslim. With the help of Allah (SWT) we shall prepare our children to become Muslim role Models, exemplary citizens in their communities and to excel in their professional careers.

School will prepare our children to read and understand the message of the Quran, and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and teach the students to apply it in every facet of their personal and professional lives.

Registration 2017/2018

Registration will take place on the first day of school, 09/10/2017 at our Masjid located at 2449 Buena Vista, Walnut Creek 94596. Please help us improve the registration process by downloading, and printing and completing the registration forms in advance and bring it with you on the first day of class.

School hours are from 10:00 AM to 01:15 PM with a 30min break between classes. Dhuhr prayer in Jamaa starts at 01:15.

Click Here to download the Registration Form

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