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“Help Our Community Fund” Drive

Your contribution to this important helping fund is appreciated!

The 2020-21 Darulislam Sunday School virtual school year
will start on Sunday, November 29, 2020

To comply with social distancing rules, the Sunday School will remain online until it is safe enough for school to reopen in person.
Our priority is your child’s safety and education. Click here to read more about our school program.

Dear Community Members, Alsalam Alaikum,

We hope this message finds you, your family members and friends in good physical and mental health and safe from the harmful financial and health effects of the coronavirus.

This message is intended to inform you that a “Help our Community” fund, made up of a contribution from the Masjid and specific donations from the members of the Board of Trustees, has been set aside for the purpose of helping our community members and their families who are in need of financial assistance.

If you need help in putting food on the table, having difficulties in paying your mortgage/rent, are unable to buy medicine, or have any other pressing needs, please contact Brother Ahmad Khattab ( or Khaled Saleh (mobile:925-212-9230; and give them a brief outline of your situation and the necessary contact information.  Working with the Board of Trustees, they will (i.s.A) offer you a helping hand.

We urge all other community members to step up and contribute to this important helping fund as it is anticipated that the current virus challenges will last through a good part of 2021. To separate these donations from your regular support to the Masjid, please indicate on your check or other means of payment that the funds are for the “Help our Community” drive.

As we all know, Alhamdullellah, the Masjid has been open for prayers, including the Friday two prayers, outdoors in the courtyard. You all should be commended for your strict adherence to our guidelines which are designed to keep us all safe.

May Allah (s.w.t.) accept your good deeds and reward you for it handsomely.

Darulislam Masjid Board of Trustees

“Help Our Community Fund” Drive


We would like to remind you again with some of the more important guidelines to follow for consistent practices at all times:

DO NOT COME: if you’re sick, were out of State over last 14 days, have a temp. over 99 degrees and other corona symptoms. You will be checked at entrance.
You should wear a face mask and bring your Own Prayer Rug (More Important NOW to use in the open spaces).
No hugs, shaking hands or touching and no chats before and after prayer
You should wear a face mask and bring your own prayer rug to use (More Important NOW to use in the open spaces).
Daily prayers during the week are held in the courtyard and youth center only.
Maintain a social distance of 6 feet and keep face mask on at all times.
Masjid will be open at 12:30 PM. Two Friday prayers will be held:- First Prayer (in Arabic): from 12:30 to 1:10 PM in all prayer areas.- Second prayer (in English): from 1:30 to 2:10 PM in courtyard for men, room next to the kitchen for elders and youth center for women and children.

We ask you to please:

– Inform all your family members and friends with the above guidelines to insure strict adherence by all members.
Donate generously to your Masjid and help in covering the large expenses, incurred in bringing the facilities to safe and suitable standards.

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