Regular Activities at Darul Islam Masjid

Hadith Read – Every Day After Isha and Fajr Prayers

Life of the Prophet Muhammad(SA) & Memorization of Surah Kahf –  Saturday after Fajr Prayer

Quran Reading & Memorization for Kids – Wednesdays(2:30 PM) & Fridays(3:15 PM)


First Jumu’a service is from 1:30 to 2 PM (in English)
Second Jumu’a service is from 2:30 to 3pm (In Arabic)

Fajr is 20 minutes after adhan
Duhr: 1:30 | Asr: 5 :30 PM – Maghrib (Sunset) – Isha : Right After Adhan | Taraweeh : 15 Mins after Isha Adhan

Weekly Activities

>> Hadith Learning everyday: After Fajr and Isha prayers
>> Men’s Halaqa with breakfast gathering is on every Saturday after Fajr
>> Quran Learning for Kids is at 2:30 PM every Wednesday and Friday:


We would like to remind you again with some of the more important guidelines to follow for consistent practices at all times:

You also can donate or pay your zakat using Zelle

Our Zelle address is :
Please note on your transaction if it is zakat el fitr or zakat el mal so we can allocate it according to  your wishes

DO NOT COME: if you’re sick, were out of State over last 14 days, have a temp. over 99 degrees and other corona symptoms. You will be checked at entrance.

You should wear a face mask and bring your own prayer rug to use (More Important NOW to use in the open spaces).

Two Friday prayers will be held:- First Prayer (in Arabic): from 12:30 to 1 PM and Second prayer (in English): from 1:30 to 2 PM in Main Prayer Hall in courtyard for men, room next to the kitchen for elders and youth center for women and children.

We ask you
to please

>> Inform all your family members and friends with the above guidelines to insure strict adherence by all members.
>> Donate generously to your Masjid and help in covering the large expenses, incurred in bringing the facilities to safe and suitable standards.