Welcome to Walnut Creek Islamic Center – WCIC

Former Walnut Creek Mayor’s Visit

We are going to be visited by Mr. Bob Simmons, the former mayor of Walnut Creek
along with other city officials. The mayor will address the community following the Friday prayer,
and will answer questions. This will be followed by refreshments at the courtyard.

The scheduled date for the visit is January 22nd, 2016 at 2:00 pm.
Please plan to attend and show our solidarity and support to the city to which we belong.


Darulislam Masjid, a.k.a. Walnut Creek Islamic Center (WCIC) advises its community members to be on the watch out for attempts to fraudulently use the identity of WCIC to distribute printed or electronic material in the form of group emails onto members of our community in an effort to cause disruption to the normal operation of WCIC.

We strongly urge our community to not respond to such transmittals and to always remember that our communication shall be either through our web site at darulislam.org or through our official newsletter, or by direct announcement in the Masjid. JAK.

WCIC Code of Conduct

WCIC has its own Code of Conduct that applies to everyone coming onto WCIC premises or attending WCIC sponsored events off-premises, dues-paying Members of WCIC, guests, and the general public.

Click here to read or download our Code of Conduct

Center Notification Regarding Illegal Activity

Dear Community Members
It has come to our attention that certain members of the Community have recently announced that there will be classes in Arabic and the Quran at the Center every Saturday beginning August 15th, 2015. Please be aware that such announcement was not authorized by the Center and that no such classes will occur at that time. The Center’s Trustees are working with the proponents of those classes to resolve issues that must be addressed before anyone can hold a group activity at the Center to assure a safe and meaningful experience.

Once those issues have been resolved, you will receive an official announcement from the Center. If you have any questions, please feel to reach out to any official WCIC Community Member at (925) 482-0077 or email us at operations@darulislam.org

WCIC Board of Trustees

Communications from and with the Center

We encourage Community Members to communicate with each other on topics of common interest, however no one is authorized to speak for the Center or its Board of Trustees, Officers or Directors except through official communications from a Board of Trustees Member bearing the Center’s seal as shown above. Anyone who is concerned whether an email or other communication that they received is authorized by the Center should contact the Center at 925.482.0077 or email us at operations@darulislam.org. We respect your privacy and will not share your email address or other personal information with anyone without your consent.

WCIC Board of Trustees