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Fundraising Event at WCIC Saturday June 17th After Iftar

This fundraising event is critical in sustaining WCIC’soperations and helping cover the Masjid’s financial obligations. Your donations are the ONLY SOURCE of funds to cover the center’s expenses.

As we have been communicating to you in the past, Masjids like Darulislam, operating in non-Muslim countries, qualify to receive Zakat El-Maal as per the “fatwas” which were received from Egypt and Iraq. So, we urge you to give a good portion of your zakat money to your Masjid, Darulislam.

Additionally we are planning on holding a “silent auction.” So please donate any jewelry, artifact, and other items to be auctioned off.

Make sure to invite your family members and friends to come and join the iftar, which will be provided by WCIC at its facilities and to participate in the annual fundraising event immediately after the Maghreb prayer.

Ramadan Program at Walnut Creek Islamic Center

Enjoy your Ramadan with the community of Walnut Creek Islamic Center. Our Program takes you through the whole day, connecting you with Allah, the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).
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Darulislam Ramadan quiz competition

Enjoy Ramadan with enriching your Islamic knowledge. The more you know, the better you understand, the stronger faith you have!


It is important to be sure that you are taking the correct age group quiz for your particular age. Please remember to write your name and contact information, so that if you end up winning the contest you can be contacted for the final prize! The winners will be announced by the 26th of Ramadan. We will be celebrating our winners during the last week of Ramadan. Have fun, and try your best. In shaa Allah you will do well! When you complete the quiz be sure to submit it by dropping it in the mosque office any day between Maghrib and Isha or at salah times. Last day of submission is Ramadan 24th, 1437 AH.

Sandal Drive for Refugees

Help more than 63000 refugees in Greece from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria
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Deadline for Sandals: 06/17/2017

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